This Baby Was Born With Giant Tongue: The Whole World Felt Sorry For Her, But Today She Looks Like This (Photo)!

Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome is a rare syndrome that appears in babies and causes their tongue to become enormous. This little girl in the picture (Paisley) is suffering from it and it’s really difficult for her, since she is unable to close her mouth. However, the good news is that she defeated this condition.

She is from a small town in South Dakota called Aberdeen and she is 16 months old. Her condition developed even before she was born, so she came out with an adult-sized tongue. Babies who suffer from Beckwith-Wiedemann are under a serious danger, since they can choke from the tongue at any time. So, the doctors, well aware of this, connected her to a breathing apparatus in the first week of her life.

This Baby Was Born With Giant Tongue: The Whole World Felt Sorry For Her, But Today She Looks Like This (Photo)!

Her tongue was actually two times the size of her mouth. Earlier, she had a surgery, which was not successful and her tongue didn’t stop growing. Statistically, this syndrome hits 1 out of 11.000 babies.
The doctors were amazed by the tongue size. It was also difficult for her to eat, so for half a year she was fed through a tube.

Her parents, Shannon and Madison, were praying that one day soon her mouth reaches the size of the tongue, but this was far from happening. So, a second surgery was performed, which was successful this time and the doctors removed 15 cm of the tongue. This made little Paisley able to laugh for the first time in her life. If the tongue remained big, she would have been unable to speak as well.

Her mother couldn’t control her emotions. She said, “When she recovered from the surgery, Paisley smiled for the first time. I was shocked how beautify is my baby. Now, it’s a completely different child, her facial expression is different and we can’t wait for her to say her first words.”


She is also happy that the tongue will not attract any more attention. However, although she is well now, it’s possible that another operation is required. Also, the doctors will keep monitoring little Paisley, so that the syndrome doesn’t manifest itself in any other way.


Source: healthy life experts