9 Important Things You Should Keep In Mind When Having A Bath

One of the mundane tasks that everyone does (more or less) daily is taking a shower once or twice a day. Taking a shower in the morning helps you feel fresher and stay hygienic for the day ahead. While it may sound like a routine task, however, there are certain things that you might have been executing in an incorrect manner in this process.

Now let’s have quick run-through 9 important things you should bear in mind while taking a shower everyday:

Dodge Scrubbing Too Much

Scrubbing is definitely good for skin, but many people think that if they will be doing it way too much they will look fairer and have dirt-free skin is a myth. In fact, if you scrub quite often, it will ruin your skin to an unbelievable extent. Do you know that the top layer of your skin is pretty sensitive and chances are it can get removed when you scrub hard and every so often which may make you prone to various skin infections? So dodge scrubbing your face too much and stick to once a week routine.

Don’t Leave the Loofah/Scrubber not cleaned properly

Many of us out there have the tendency of leaving the loofah or scrubber in the shower and use it the same way next time. Ewww! If some of you are doing that way please for the sake of not getting infected. Did you know that following such practice would result in providing breeding grounds for bacterium which in turn can cause skin allergies or itching when you use it again on your body? Hence, always and always after taking shower rinse off your loofah or scrubber properly and let it dry.

Never ever wax or shave before shower

Those who love to get themselves waxed or shave before having a bath need to stop doing this as soon as possible. Well, it is not a good practice as it leads to an increase in the size of the pores on your skin. This consecutively may leave your skin way too dry and dull. Hence, whenever you have to wax or shave, always prefer doing it after the shower.

Application of too much soap ain’t good

Application of too much soap on your body and face is not good for your skin. Soap has the propensity to absorb natural oil and dust which gets swept away with water when you rinse it off. However, the excessive usage of soap will only leave your skin dull, dry, and lifeless. Curb the use of soap to oily parts of your body and to parts which are disposed to stink like feet, face, groin, and armpits.

Don’t shower immediately after working out

After a rigorous or mild workout, we all feel too sweaty and exhausted that wish to quickly rush for the shower to feel more fresh and relaxed. However, this is not the right practice to follow. When you work out, your body gets warmed up and if you take a bath instantly after physical exercise, chances are very much high that you may fall sick because of cold and cough or even flu in some cases.

Don’t make use of towel for too long

Some people, specifically women, take hell lot of time to remove the towel after having a shower. They love to wrap their hair and body in the towel for a quiet long time and decide which dress they should wear. Well, the important fact that they actually don’t know is that keeping oneself wrapped up in a towel can leave your skin dry and also cause excessive hair loss if you tend to tie up your hair in the towel for a long time.

Make sure you use deodorant and anti-bacterial soap as less as possible

Most of us have a habit of using anti-bacterial soaps and applying deodorants immediately after taking bath. This is another of those things that may harm your skin. Using deodorant immediately after having a bath may cause itching, flakiness or even dry skin as the strong aroma and chemicals used in the deodorant may extract the moisture out of your skin. Your skin may also start aging prematurely!

Condition your hair after shampooing

Many people assume that it is purposeless to condition their hair after shampooing. Just like your skin, your hair to get dry with every wash and split from the end. As the chemicals in the shampoo extracts the natural oil of your hair you need to take proper care by moisturizing them with a good conditioner. Conditioning the hair after shampoo thwarts your hair from getting dry and dull. It also aids your hair in holding the protein above and beyond making it look glossy and soft.

Application of a moisturizer immediately after shower is a must

Do you wait for a while to apply moisturize your skin? If so, then please do not wait for more than 3 minutes after coming out of the shower. Baring your skin for too long after the shower may lead to losing of skin moisture and it will develop unwanted cracks thereby making it more exposed to bacteria and infections.

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